Operating Lamp Halogen

Operating Lamp Halogen

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Complete operating room solution

The quantum leap becomes especially apparent in modern operating room, with criteria for safety, efficiency and economy. Bringing expertise in surgical illumination and ceiling supply units, Heal Force offers integrated operating room systems throughout the industry for the benefit of patients and medical staff.


Heal Force operating light systems provide superior performance to satisfy the ever-growing user needs in diverse surgical fields, including general surgery , micro sugery , E.N.T ., OB/GYN, orthopedic and cosmetic surgery . No matter what the application or conditions, the result is excellent illumination in the surgical field and optimum position adjustment , which have come to be highly valued by customers all over the world.

halogen operating lamp p6060

halogen operating lamp p7000

An overview of the different Toplite models

Ceiling mounted (Dual lightheads) P7070
Ceiling mounted (Single lighthead) P7000


Technical data (Toplite-P)

Series & Type                              : Toplite-P
Light Source Technology          : Blue theca plating, multi-facet reflection
Dome Cover                                : Explosion-proof, rippled PCplastic
Shape                                           : Streamline shape, satisfying laminar flow purification requirement
Arm & Joint                                : Standard
Safety                                           : Back-up bulb system, explosion-proof, etc.
Ilumination intensity (Lux)*   : 120000~160000
Color Temperature (K)             : 4200±500
Color Reduction Index (Ra)    : 90±5
Focusing Depth (mm)              : >600
Diameter light field (mm)       : 120~280
Rated Power per Dome (W)    : 200
No. of Bulb                                  : 2 (1 primary & 1 back-up)
Bulb spec. (V/W)                        : 24 / 150
Power supply                              : AC220~230V / 50~60Hz, 110V/60Hz
Mounting options                      : Ceiling
Installation Height                    : Standard room height at 2750~3100mm, customizable for 2400~2750mm &                                                                         >3100mm