Electro Surgical Unit

Electro Surgical Unit

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Product overview

EB05 is a versatile system designed to deliver standard and argon-enhanced electrosurgery.
It features 10 different power setting, 9-channel program memory, max.400 watt floating output
and optional Argon-enhanced system to give optimal cutting and coagulation with minimal tissue
damage, which well combines safety and effectiveness for a broad range of electrosurgical
needs, like General surgery, Cardiology, ENT surgery, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology,
Laparoscopy, Neuro surgery, Plastic surgery, Thoracic surgery and Urology (like TURP, TUVP).

– Microprocessor-controlled output by max. 400 watts (all floating)
– 7 Monopolar and 3 Bipolar power modes
– Automatic power adjustment and compensation for tissue variation
– Return electrode monitoring (REM) system
– 9-channel program memory
– Optional Argon system for enhanced electrosurgery
– TURP, TUVP capability
– Up to 3 different instruments can be configured simultaneously
– CE marked


Application :
* General surgery
* Dermatology, plastic surgery
* Endoscopy,vascular surgery
* Heart/Thoracic surgery
* Minimally invasive surgery
* Neurosurgery
* Ophthalmology

Technical Specifications :
Working mode Maximum power
Monopolar Cut
Pure cut : 400W at 500 ohms
Blend1 cut : 300W at 500 ohms
Blend2 cut : 200W at 500 ohms
Blend3 cut : 150W at 500 ohms
Monopolar Coagulation
Soft coag : 120W at 500 ohms
Point coag : 120W at 500 ohms
Spray coag : 120W at 500 ohms
Bipolar Cut
Bipolar cut : 0~120W at 100 ohms
Bipolar Coagulation
Standard : 0~70W at 200 ohm
Precise : 0~70W at 500 ohm
Power supply : 220±10% Vac, 50Hz
Deminsion : 525x410x160 mm
Weight : 15 kg



Features :

  • Applied for gynecologic cervical surgery
  • Precise operation with reduced thermal damage
  • Little organism fiber proliferation
  • Automatic power inspection and output compensation
  • LED digital display, with soft-touch key panel
  • Complete current floating isolated output
  • Multiple modes of pure cut, blend cut & monopolar coagulation
  • Real-time return electrode inspection
  • Malfunction code display for trouble-shooting
  • Optional LS2000-SES Smoke Extractor, helpful for clear view of surgical area
  • Abundant electrodes and accessories for option


Technical Specifications :

Base Output Frequency : 512 KHz
Pure cut / Blend cut power : 0~150W
Pure Cut Waveform : Continuous sine wave, Max. open voltage at 1700V.
Blend Cut 1 Waveform : 68% dutycycle sine waveform, Max. open voltage at 1700V.
Blend Cut 2 Waveform : 56% dutycycle sine waveform, Max. open voltage at 1600V.
Blend Cut 3 Waveform : 32% dutycycle sine waveform, Max. open voltage at 2000V.
Coagulation Power : 0~100W
Soft Coagulation Waveform : 16% dutycycle, Max. open voltage at 3300V.
Point Coagulation Waveform : 16% dutycycle, Max. open voltage at 4600V.
Power Supply* : 220V/50Hz, Rated Current at 3.15A
Current Leakage : <150mA
Safety Standard : EN 60601-1 & 60601-2-2
Volume : 30~100L/min, 8 grades adjustable
Internal Filter Efficiency : >99.999%
External Filter Efficiency : >99.97%, with carbon filter for odor removal
Start Mode : LS2000 control or optional footswitch
Power Supply : 220V/50Hz, Rated Current at 3.15A